Sunday, 12 February 2012


Our hope is that we will be able to reach a negotiated collective agreement with WLUFA, the union representing our faculty and our professional librarians. We continue to work hard to reach a negotiated agreement with them – an agreement that reflects the pivotal role they play at Laurier and takes into account the economic challenges affecting Laurier,  the Ontario university sector and in the broader public sector. 

WLUFA has requested a “No Board report”, which means that in approximately 20 days they will be in a legal strike position.

As is prudent for any employer/organization, we are currently working on our continuity plans. As we develop and finalize these plans we will communicate regularly so students can know what is happening with their assignments, classes and schedules. 

In the meantime we are going to concentrate on working hard to get an agreement and avoid a labour disruption.